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Catherine M. Lee,
President CDL Associates
Connecting Across Cultures

Catherine M. Lee is President of CDL & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in global leadership development including building cultural intelligence and international negotiations skills, which she founded in 1990. Her clients are businesses, organizations and universities. She routinely advises senior management of clientele firms in optimizing cross-cultural interactions in addition to providing significant input into their leadership strategies; teaching the how-to and measuring behavioral change.

A sought after speaker and consultant, Catherine is compelling because she draws upon and relates to audiences from her varied experiences – business owner, community activist, professor, homemaker, political candidate. She is most recently the keynote speaker for the Mondotel Conference for European City Bureaux with an audience of 350. The presentation highlighted the need for a global style of negotiation that is in tune with the requirements of global commerce.

Catherine's latest book, The New Rules of International Negotiation: Building Relationships, Earning Trust, and Creating Influence Around the World can now be found in all the major bookstores and sold around the world.

For the past 20 years, Catherine has worked extensively in Asia, Europe and Latin America for Motorola, BP, Infosys[India], and the Chinese government among others. Catherine's facilitation experience began in the political caucus arena, expanded into business and universities and currently includes workshops in Executive Leadership, Cultural Diversity, Negotiations, Team Building, and Partnering.

Catherine was an elected member and President of her community's Board of Education and Strategic Planning Committee. Her political involvement led her to facilitate business and public education partnerships. Recruited to run for U.S. Congress in 1996, Catherine led the Democratic ticket across six counties. Emily's List endorsed and supported her candidacy.

Catherine has a Master's from the University of Michigan and received her degree as a Horace Rackham Fellow. Her studies include extensive work at Laval University in Quebec, Canada, and at Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia.

She has received many awards for both her work and her speeches, including National Association of Women Business Owners Hall of Fame, The Business Ledger's Most Influential Women in Business and Women's Business Enterprise Award as one of ten most well run companies in the U.S.

Catherine brings zest, a sense of humor and a genuine interest in people which has allowed her to successfully navigate through change and obstacles, qualities that enhance her work between and within global communities.

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