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  • Client Pain Points
  • Managerial Roles
  • CDL Offerings
  • Poor business alignment and/or culture, weak business results

    Poor managerial actions and/or results

    Weak team and individual actions and results

    Special target group - growing and retaining talented women

    Meeting deadlines and coming to agreement when working with Asia or Latin America

  • Strategic


    Sales & other Functional Experts

    Sales, Engineering & Marketing

  • Organizational Alignment Model - Includes Business Culture with the "What our organization does" and the "How we do business."
    Transcultural Alignment Model—Includes Individual Cultures and the universal of working across cultures and how both fit in the Organizational Alignment Model – and must be included.
    Strategic Virtues: Acceptance, Openness, Respect, and Empathy—Results: The Trust Model [EMPATHY should hold the emphasis]
    The Influencing Behaviors—Negotiating Successes
    Leadership in Teams—Goal setting for individual, team and organization [move focus from self to business]
    Risk Taking and its Responsibility
    Delegation—Insuring their success
    Negotiating resources for the team—the Negotiating Behavior Model
    Establishing a culture of trust and openness
    Negotiation Model—Identifying and responding to others' needs
    Conducting Effective Meetings—Behavioral Model for Meetings
    Giving Persuasive Presentations—the SWAY Model [Structure, Weaving, Adding Support, Putting Yourself Into It]
    Customer Satisfaction -- Internal and External Customers
    Recognize the Feminine Assets—A role model for men
    Understand the Cultural Expectations of Women and How to Work within and outside them
    Building Relationships—culturally a woman's strength/advantage
    Negotiations Skills – Fill this Leadership Gap for Women
    Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence--a Behavioral Modification based on identified and quantifiable data